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Papo's Cuban Kitchen is a labor of love that will continue the tradition of the Sosa family and bring quality Cuban food in Southern California. Originally from Matanzas, Cuba, Mr. Sosa learned the art of cooking through countless hours spent with his family in the kitchen and by visiting the neighborhood restaurants where moms and pops recreated dishes from the past. These recipes are not found in Cuban recipe books. They are family recipes that have been handed down to generations, similar to a parent teaching a child. That is how Mr. Sosa learned to cook.

Why the name Papo's Cuban Kitchen? "It has warmth in it when you call somebody 'Papo' which signifies a friend or a brother," says the owner, Adrian Perdomo Sosa. Holding true to its name, Papo's Cuban Kitchen warm and inviting atmosphere welcomes you like a family. Papo's Cuban Kitchen feels like home with its bright open spaces and vivid colors. Why don't you head into Papo's Cuban Kitchen before the next baseball game? The restaurant is perfectly located in the Platinum Triangle directly behind Angel's Stadium. Papo's Cuban Kitchen is also only a hop, skip and jump away from Disneyland, making it the perfect place to pick up that picnic lunch before your long day of rides at the park. This is the reason why Mr. Sosa chose the city of Anaheim for Papo's Cuban Kitchen home.

The mouthwatering food reflects in every dish at Papo's Cuban Kitchen. From Papo's Cuban Kitchen Roasted Pork which is the house specialty to the Pastellitos, a Cuban dessert. Each dish is hand-crafted with care and perfectly balanced to create a unique palate experience. Papo's Cuban Kitchen well-rounded menu offers authentic Cuban dishes based on original recipes and has something for everyone, sure enough to impress even the most discriminating Cuban food lover. Mr. Sosa had spent his lifetime roasting meat into perfection, and Papo's Cuban Kitchen Roasted Pork is just one of those dishes offered in the menu. The menu has a wide variety of combined spices and marinated meat dishes that will take you to Cuba and experience what Cuban food really tastes like. Sandwich fans would be delighted in the variety of sandwiches on the menu at reasonable and affordable prices. For those who want a healthier option the traditional green plantain chips are made fresh every time you order, or if you prefer a home-made fries, the Cuban-style fries are dynamite. Papo's Cuban Kitchen has also an attractive selection of food for vegetarian.

Aside from those super sumptuous sandwiches, Papo's Cuban Kitchen has a variety of appetizers, soups, salads and entrees that you cannot resist. The traditional Cuban dishes are always complimented with Cuban staples of Congris or white rice, and sweet plantains or tostones. In an effort to please a child's palate, Papo's Cuban Kitchen has a kid's menu for little Papo's Cuban Kitchen who are under ten years old.

Family owned and operated, the Perdomo Sosa's will treat you as one of their own and will offer you an experience of Cuban food starting at the table. Come visit Papo's Cuban Kitchen with your friends and family in July 2019.