Adrian Perdomo Sosa was born and raised in Matanzas, Cuba. Adrian initially found a love of cooking in his own home at the age of sixteen, inspired by his mother and grandmother. His family would spend hours in the kitchen, crafting dishes that were steeped with history, handed down through generations and rich in the spirit of Cuban culture. Adrian absorbed all the traditional recipes of Cuba, most of which could not be found in recipe books, but had to be learned by working side by side with his mother and grandmother. He would frequently visit local restaurants where he would voluntarily apprentice dishes from the mom and pop shops in his hometown, the Los Man-gos. The art of cooking Cuban dishes is a commitment to mastering the blending of just the right amount of spices, without using measuring cups and spoons, but solely through taste and experience as the gauge of balance. This was something he learned firsthand.

Once he realized his passion for food, Adrian began offering his cooking talents out-side of his own kitchen. He started cooking for the local neighborhood of Los Mangos. His dishes became popular with the community where he catered numerous street events, religious dinners and ceremonies, and especially government events at the army bases. The quality of his food stood out because of his commitment to authenticity.

Adrian found a particular passion for meat and using his skill with an open flame, he perfected the art of slow-roasting over an outdoor BBQ. He won an award in Los Man-gos for the best caldoza in the streets of Matanzas. Aside from roasted pork, Adrian loves to prepare ropa vieja, a spicy Cuban meat dish that is a hallmark of his country.

At the age of 25, Adrian followed his lifelong dream and reunited with his family in the United States. He had the opportunity to work as a chef at the famous amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm, his first job in California. While working at the park, Adrian also helped with the family catering business of his grandmother, known as Artes de Cubano. The family prided themselves on serving up the same quality authentic Cu-ban dishes brought from their home country. The catering business became a thriving success. Adrian wanted to open a restaurant because he believes that the only way for people in the United States to know Cuban culture is to experience authentic Cuban dishes, starting on the family table. That was when Papo's Cuban Kitchen was born. Papo means a close friend or family and that reflects his own family's values. Holding true to those values and the bond that keeps the Perdomo Sosa family together is one of the aims of Papo's. Papo's Cuban Kitchen's goal is to be known as the restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Cuban food made from the heart.